The Dreams are Back

When I don't write, I have REALLY vivid dreams, stories I should have been putting to paper but instead let bleed away at night. Grad school has done a pretty good job of mitigating this, offering me a different creative outlet. But now that I'm near the end of the program and the work I'm doing is very much plug-and-play, the dreams have returned.

1. I'm wicked tired.

2. I'm having some really cool ideas. And not only when I'm sleeping. My brain is cycling back up and story ideas are popping up at the most random times.

Yesterday I was watching the opening cinematic for Dark Souls III and as it turned right, I turned left. Your main character is resurrected to kill stuff and gather souls. But I thought of a kingdom under attack, at the verge of collapse. King dead, queen dead, the princess that has been leading her people turns to a forbidden right that hasn't been done for hundreds of years: necromancy.

But the reality isn't like the stories and her champion never comes. The kingdom falls and she is imprisoned. Her hero, the great warrior _______, is born again, but as a baby. Unable to be killed, ________ becomes a champion of the oppressed and fights to free the imprisoned princess 18 years too late, never knowing how they came into existence or why it seems impossible for them to die.