Joe was born in 1977 in Columbia, MO, his parents' fifth and last child. He wrote his first short story in 1983 (which was promptly stolen by Hollywood ). In 1999 he graduated from Truman State University in Kirksville, MO, with a BA degree in English - Creative Writing and Theatre - Playwriting. In his last semester, he wrote the ten-minute play Jigsaw that was accepted as a regional finalist in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. It was performed January 2000 in Sioux Falls, SD, in front of an audience of 500-700 people.

After college Joe began writing for the role playing industry, co-authoring Dangerous Denizens: The Monsters of Tellene for Kenzer & Co. He followed that with the online PDF "Living Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Sourcebook," which he wrote and typeset. Following that he wrote 33 adventures for the RPGA Network, first for Kenzer's Living Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign and then Wizards of the Coast's Living Greyhawk campaign. He is particularly proud of the "Year 5" plot arc conclusion that spanned the entire year's adventures and convention interactive events.

Joe now lives in Nashua, NH, with his wife. You have a good chance of finding him at the counter of Jackie's Diner downtown, typing on his computer. If not there, then on the commuter rail to Boston. He does most of his writing in public places. If you're at Jackie's, you will never find more Perfect Bacon or Perfect Sausage, and he recommends paying a little extra to get real maple syrup. If you've never had it before, you'll wonder where it's been all your life. Feel free to say hello, but please keep in mind that he does his best writing in public places so the more you talk to him, the longer you'll have to wait for his next story. Misanthropy with sausage!

In addition to writing, Joe enjoys the same things most people enjoy, theatre, movies, music, reading. What did you expect him to like, goose juggling? He works in higher education publishing in Boston. He has overseen the development of 20 books and hundreds of electronic ancillaries, including websites, CDs, and DVDs.

Q: What else have you done?

A: The question should be, what haven't I done?

  • Hawker at a football stadium
  • Burger King (twice!)
  • McDonald's
  • Delivered phone books
  • Sold plasma
  • Office assistant at a research lab
  • Waiter at a pizza joint
  • Army cadet at Fort Knox
  • Night auditor at a hotel
  • Student Regional Coordinator for the NEMO Special Olympics
  • Milkman for Royal Crest Dairy
  • Pizza Delivery for Blackjack Pizza
  • Grass cutter (aka lawnjockey)
  • RadioShack (for which I'm going to hell)
  • Blockbuster
  • Wedding Reception DJ
  • Bartender
  • and my current job in higher ed publishing (9+ years in the industry)