I'm a Back!

Hey ho! I had some roll-over vacation that had to be used by the end of the month and PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) East happened in Boston this past weekend. Serendipty! I gathered some friends and experienced my first video game convention.

This was not my first convention. I love role playing and was actively involved in the RPGA (role playing gamers association), writing adventures, playing games, and even organizing conventions of my own. What I learned this weekend is that I'm an old man. Skipping meals, not drinking water, staying up until 3 in the morning? Yeah, that's a young man's game.

I did have some genuine days off. Most of that time was spent playing Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2 (again, I'm getting ready for Mass Effect 3 to release later this year). I did go out to breakfast and revise JEHOVAH'S HITLIST. I should be done with that draft by the end of the week...just in time for Beta Feedback! Wheeeeeeeeee!

I'm going to write up a full con review for The Way of the Game podcast, so I won't get into it any further. I'll let you know when it's up. Also, if you've never listened to the PodgeCast, I was one of the founding hosts. Though I've been gone for awhile now, this week's episode (#131) was AWESOME. You might not get it if you haven't listened to the show, so the best solution there is to listen to the archives and then listen to 131. I actually laughed out loud. Podcasts are hard pressed to get me to laugh at all, much less out loud.

I'm still kind of worn out. Add in the daylight savings time switch, and I feel pretty jet lagged even though I didn't fly anywhere. I'm also still grinding through emails. 250 down, plenty yet still to go.

So what about you peoples? What kind of hobbies do you partake in when you're not writing?

NOTE: If you have no hobbies to fill time when you're not writing, this is bad. You need more in your life than just work and writing. Find something to do and do it. If you need a primer, I will assign you a hobby. Just comment below.