Hellloooooo (Male) Nurse!

Just to be fare to all the readers out there after yesterday's Julia Stiles pic, I totally have a man-crush on Nathan Fillion. He is, was, and always will be Captain Malcolm Reynolds. My obsession with Firefly is total1 and despite the days where he spams my twitter account trying to make a fad (the double-rainbow thing got pretty extreme for awhile), he's still the guy I'd ask to dinner if given the opportunity2.

Try and find Mal's pistol in the above picture. That made me geek out.

1 Someone left a note under my windshield wiper that says "Shiny" because my license plate says Browncoat. I kept the note. :)

2 We'd totally make out just so I could say we did. My wife would then make out with me even harder so she could say that she made out with Nathan Fillion via proxy.