His Shadow Stands Over Us

Streaming Netflix over my Xbox (really, it seems that's the only thing I use my Xbox Live account for any more1 2), I watched a miniseries with Daniel Craig called Archangel. Though I think I may have seen the ending before, the rest of it was quite interesting. Especially the first two episodes. General premise examines just how much Stalin means to rural Russians even today, just how ingrained the Communist revolution is in those areas not immediately affected by insurgent capitalism (so everything out of major metropolitan areas). Not an expert on Russia, I have no idea how much of this premise is exaggerated or flat out fictional, but it was a lot of fun.

Short explanation of the inciting action, former Soviet higher-ups have discovered that Stalin has a son and they mean to bring about a second Bolshevik revolution.

At the end of the final episode, they have a quote from Stalin's real daughter: "He is gone, but his shadow stands over us. It still dictates to us, and we still obey."

This immediately set my mind to racing.

An old kingdom swamped with history and tradition. A fetid royal house. A dead king leaving behind a host of children, none capable of ruling with his authority, none yet burdened by the paranoia that caused him to starve to death, unwilling to trust even his food tasters.

His is a kingdom so dependent on his absolute rule and so mired by his insanity, that his children must work together and against one another to bring about the future they want. But none of them are as capable as he. Even in death, his shadow stands above them. His mad design plays out and they obey his will, until their entire house is destroyed.

To add to the queue: HIS SHADOW STANDS ABOVE US

1 I'd just use my Wii to stream Netflix but it doesn't have an HDMI connection. I love my high definition picture

2 Once upon a time, XBL was useful to me. Now, I think the only two games I have that can be played with other people are Castle Crashers and Snoopy Flying Ace.