Jehovah knows a secret. On Sundays when they parachute down the charity box, you can see where they open the sky to make the drop. The first one to the box gets the best charity: food rations, medicine, ammunition. Today all he needs is a new pair of shoes. He nabs himself a pair of boots made out of real leather, and he only has to kill one person to get them.

There's a list hidden inside one of the boots. Five names written on the back side of a bible cover. The list is branded with a noose. Those names are the means to deliver a message to the world up above. The Hanged Man says Jehovah is going to deliver a message for him or he'll kill Jehovah, his family, his friends, and his neighbors.

JEHOVAH'S HITLIST (or DOWN BELOW THE UP ABOVE) is a 100-000 word post-apocalyptic commercial fiction. The oceans have risen, nations have fallen, and the rich and powerful live in platforms in the sky. The rest live in ghetto cities below.

This will be my first novel publication. Thank you for your time and consideration.