An Incredible Opportunity!

Kristin Nelson, founder and queen bee of Nelson Literary Agency has just turned it up to 11. Thursday, September 30th, in conjunction with Writer's Digest, she is hosting a webinar on improving your SF/F queries. It's as if she's been reading my journal! (Um...high Kristin!) Yes yes yes! This is totally for me. I'm always skeptical of classes and seminars. Who are these people and what makes them qualified?

Well, I know exactly what makes Kristin qualified. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Of all the agents who keep an active web presence on the web, none of them have more accurately articulated the direction epublishing is moving or the challenges that creates for authors and their representatives.

If you have $89 or a credit card with $89 left on it, sign up for this. Her input is worth every penny.