Another Transition

What? What? What?

What is this guy doing on Blogger? He's been on LiveJournal since 2003? What does he think he's doing here?

To be honest, I'm not sure whether I'm staying. The last time I fiddled with Blogger was for work three years ago. Things have certainly changed since then. A lot. Things have changed for LiveJournal over the years as well. There was plenty of drama and mass migrations, but that never concerned me. I had my personal account and then later I had my professional account. I like the functionality that LJ offers and kept with it over the years just for that reason. The catch is, I use it only for professional journaling. I don't do a lot of personal posts. (I also don't have the same drama I did when I was 25. :)

As a professional tool, LJ seems to come up short. There is a larger presence on Blogger, and that's what I need to tap into. So I'm going to experiment with this here blog--though it will continue to be a journal as I have no intention on doing daily posts!--and see whether I should take the plunge and move over here entirely.

Do you have any thoughts on the subject?