Fantasist, Science Fictionist, Magical Realist, Alternate Historian


Joe was born in 1977 in Columbia, MO, his parents' fifth and final child. He wrote his first short story in 1983 and it was terrible. In 1999 he graduated from Truman State University in Kirksville, MO, with a BA degree in English - Creative Writing and Theatre - Playwriting. In his last semester, he wrote the ten-minute play Jigsaw that was accepted as a regional finalist in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. It was performed January 2000 in Sioux Falls, SD, in front of an audience of 700 people.

After college Joe wrote for the role playing industry, co-authoring Dangerous Denizens: The Monsters of Tellene for Kenzer & Co. He followed that with the online PDF "Living Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Sourcebook," which he wrote and typeset. Following that he wrote 33 adventures for the RPGA Network, first for Kenzer's Living Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign and then Wizards of the Coast's Living Greyhawk campaign. None of his fictional characters began as role playing PCs, just FYI.


In [year] Joe signed with [agent {this could be you!}] after (s)he read [amazing story]. Together the two set out to turn [amazing story] the manuscript into [amazing story] the novel! While this story winds its way from him to you, he is also hard at work on his next offering. He must keep writing or a fraggle will mistake his fingers for doozer sticks and eat them. (How many of you are old enough to understand that reference?) 


Joe currently lives in Nashua, NH, with his wife and three cats. He works full time in educational publishing, writing on his commute to and from Boston. He fills his free time with board games, roller derby, and breakfast food. Come visit New Hampshire Roller Derby, where he is the head of Non-Skating Officiating or find him at the counter of a local diner. Feel free to say hello, but please understand he hates cold food. Misanthropy with sausage! 

Today's Influences


Lois McMaster Bujold

Also: George R. R. Martin, Robert E. Howard, Tad Williams



Lord of the Rings

Also: Lucky Number Slevin, Out of Sight, The Thin Man




Also: Louis Armstrong, Jesse Cook, Otep



August Wilson's Fences

Also: Arthur Miller's All My Sons, Claude-Michel Schönberg's (et al.) Les Miserables, William Shakespeare's Othello



Emily Dickinson

Also: John Donne, Robert Frost, Marianne Williamson




Also: Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, The Smothers Brothers, The Wire



Crash Course.

Also: The Flog, Veritasium, and Ze Frank

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